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I've been considering making a wallhanging for my GP for a while now. She is an absolute treasure, and when you have ME you really appreciate that. I noticed that she was wearing turquoise for one visit, which suits me as I adore turquoise. She was here today for blood tests, and she admired the turquoise/pale green baby quilt which I've just started the quilting on. So I think turquoise is definitely the way to go, especially since it works well for a nice cheery wallhanging. It's occurred to me that I might be able to rustle something up for Christmas if I get to work on it now, and I think it would be good for me to do a quick art quilt project. A bit of brainstorming:

* Wallhanging size. Something I could draw out on A3, say.

* Turquoise, perhaps with deep blues. I'll rummage through my considerable batik collection and see what speaks to me.

* I'd like to play with luminescence, the sort of effect you often get with sunsets when one colour glows through pure and strong against darker, more muted tones. It's also high time I did more with depth.

* Curved, flowing lines appeal here, and something abstract and without too much piecing. I can get all swirly in the quilting.

* Something sea-inspired? I am trying to work out what to put into Google Image, as nothing I've thought of so far has really got me anywhere. Seaweed might be a starting point for the shapes.

* BEADS!!!1! I have oodles left over from the Isis quilt.

* I'll need to be able to hand-quilt it, so I don't want to go mad with tiny piecing or lots of layers.

* I've seen some gorgeous effects with organza on art quilts, and this may be a good time to try that. Or perhaps not. Unless I can find something locally (which means sending out someone to pick out stuff for me, I'm too tired for trips out), I don't think there's time to get anything in the Christmas post. I had a look at organza samples on eBay a while back, but the sodding things were all silk and as a vegan I won't use that. Organza ribbons might be an option, since that would solve the problem of frayable bits. I wonder whether the local cake decorating store, which has lots of ribbon, happens to know whether they're silk or polyester? Does anyone know more about using organza or other sheer fabrics on art quilts? How do you sew them on inconspicuously? How do you prevent fraying? If I perhaps did a butted edge, could I then sling on a ribbon as binding? If I go for ribbons, should I go for wide or thin, light or dark, colour matching or something different? I saw a quick collage at the quilt meet last month where putting a strip of dark pink organza onto a blue background, to represent mountains against the sky, added surpring depth.

Ideas are very welcome!
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