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I proudly present to you January, my first Bead Journal Project piece.

BJP January 2011

It's 5" square, as all my pieces will be, and of course hasn't photographed terribly well, between my crappy photography skills (honestly, I can't even hold the camera still half the time) and the difficulty of photographing beads, especially the little mirrors at the centre of each circle. It may be helpful to say that I made a great deal of use of this grey bead mix. I started by drawing three circles onto paper, doing it again with the next size down circle templates (really useful, though beware that the edges aren't well cut and the lines are often askew), and then drawing branching curves in the gaps. I don't think I really thought properly about trees until I had the circles beaded and was filling in the lines, and then I realised what I'd made.

Accidental Schubert )

Needles and pins

Tuesday, 23 December 2008 08:15 pm
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* Size 11 sharps (Beadsmith) current favourite for piecing; seem to do well even on heavier batiks.
* Size 9 sharps for basting, along with DMC crochet thread.
* Size 9 betweens for quilting.
* Size 10 appliqué for appliqué - need to test that with other fabrics and needles.
* Embroidery/crewel from a 5-10 mixed pack, probably around 8 or 9 - good for embroidery.


* Presencia 18 x 0.52 steel for piecing - quality problems, I had to throw a lot of these out, but still the only short, fine pins around.
* Prym 26 x 0.55 brass - useful for pinning on binding.
* Hemline 54 x 0.65 flower head pins - useful for pinning to the ironing board and pulling the binding through. The plastic does start to melt if the iron is left on it for more than a few moments, but no disasters yet.


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