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There were two leftover blocks that didn't make it into the quilt. The first is a crazy block using three very similar fabrics, so there wasn't enough contrast for it to sit well with the others. I plan to make a matching cushion with it, as it is fine as a stand-alone piece, and to have fun with embroidery.

The second has a photo below. This was quite an interesting slant on the original brief, with a pixelated design instead of a crazy quilt block. So again it didn't sit well with the others as a quilt, but I think it could make a very effective wall hanging. I was a little unsure about the pixelated look, it's not my usual approach to things, but it's nicer than I thought once I stepped back a bit, and hey, challenges are good for me!

Crazy women wallhanging with more fabric choices

After trying a few border fabrics, I settled on a deep pink batik. It's not as bluey-pink as the fabrics in the block, it's got a bit more orangey-red in it, but you need that bit of difference, as I discovered after trying a fabric that was too similar. The block contains beige fabrics, then shades of pink and red, with a pale pink square at the top. Each piece is 1" square.

At the moment, I'm thinking of adding a 2" border of the pink batik, then 1/4" of the gold fabric you can see in the bottom right (a pine cone design which is almost entirely gold metallic), then a 1/2" binding in a cream oriental fabric which has a leafy design in gold and beige. Alternatively, I could do something with the richer cream/gold scroll fabric you can see on the top right. What do you think?

I plan to have fun with embroidering and beading this piece. You can see a few boxes of beads in reds and metallic golds laid out here, including a strategically placed large pink bead near the top. I'm still finding the squares a little difficult to work with, but I hope they'd work well with graceful curved lines of embroidery overlaid.
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