Needles and pins

Tuesday, 23 December 2008 08:15 pm
lobsterdesigns: (Default)

* Size 11 sharps (Beadsmith) current favourite for piecing; seem to do well even on heavier batiks.
* Size 9 sharps for basting, along with DMC crochet thread.
* Size 9 betweens for quilting.
* Size 10 appliqué for appliqué - need to test that with other fabrics and needles.
* Embroidery/crewel from a 5-10 mixed pack, probably around 8 or 9 - good for embroidery.


* Presencia 18 x 0.52 steel for piecing - quality problems, I had to throw a lot of these out, but still the only short, fine pins around.
* Prym 26 x 0.55 brass - useful for pinning on binding.
* Hemline 54 x 0.65 flower head pins - useful for pinning to the ironing board and pulling the binding through. The plastic does start to melt if the iron is left on it for more than a few moments, but no disasters yet.


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