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Quilted, bound, and now on to the beading

Quick version which I may expand on later: I think I've done enough quilting, though there are a couple of areas I'm unsure about which haven't been quilted much (the feathered sections of the wings, the plinth, and the headband), but right now I want to decide on the beading. There will be a necklace, anklet, arm rings and bracelets, and I've already planned the necklace and have a good idea of how to do the other jewellery. The colours will be red, turquoise, lapis blue, and galvanised gold.

I'm thinking of putting orange seed beads around the edge of the sun in the headdress, possibly with beads which vary slightly in size and colour although that look may be a touch too informal for this, and perhaps scatter some small seed beads inside the sun. I can work that out as I get to that bit, I'll do the jewellery first.

The dress will most likely be beaded, either at the junctions of the diagonal grid (dark blue thread, quilted in between every other row of little squares) or in the middle of the spaces. I'm considering extra-small galvanised copper colour, which read as a bit warmer than gold, or translucent very pale blue, which look a bit like chips of ice.

The bit that I'm currently preoccupied with is the stars overhead. I originally had them all planned out, but then I put the diamond grid on the wrong way around which means that I have to find a new pattern. I'm limited by the grid, of course, random won't work here. The stars will be turquoise translucent AB coated plain bugle beads, strong enough to be visible but not to take over.

I'm also thinking of beading the border and/or binding. For the binding, I was thinking of doing a zig-zag with some lovely twisted bugle beads, a bit like this only 6mm, in probably green but possibly turquoise. For the border, I could add some beads to the flowers but my instincts are currenty saying not, and I could put seed beads or sets of three seed beads every 1 1/2" along the centres of the two green lattice strips.

We're not madly keen on this one, it leaves an odd space. If I put the stars (represented by coins) at that spacing all the way across the available space, it's too busy. One possibility is to put stars where the coins are, then continue the pattern with a single seed bead instead of a star in the relevant diamonds.

This is the first pattern that fit well. D started taking stars off, as he thinks it has a better shape. The following shows it with the bottom two stars taken off, just above her arms, giving more of an arch shape.

The next one shows it with those missing, plus the two stars right at the wing tips, which gives even more of an arch shape, though perhaps we're losing the overall pattern a tad by now?

I tried other layouts, but none really worked.

What do you think? I'd like to decide on the stars soon, I want to start beading tomorrow. Though I also have to start going at the cream part with a damp cotton bud, there are still some grey lines from the pencil I used to draw the grid, and at some point I need to try to get rid of the creases which have crept in.

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