Sunday, 9 May 2010

lobsterdesigns: (Autumnal bedspread)
After gradually designing, making the templates, and cutting fabric (almost entirely done), I put needle to fabric for the first time today.

Isn't it pretty! )
lobsterdesigns: (Waterlily quilt)
Shell quilt top

It's come out very nicely, I think. Now I just have to work out how I want to quilt it. I'm fairly stuck on that one. Aunty D has suggested that as it has so many diagonals, to use horizontal lines for the waves and spirals inside the shell. Not sure if I like that idea or not. It's sitting pinned to a noticeboard above the sofa while I get on with my Hoffman Challenge quilt, I'm sure something will come to me sooner or later. Though D would quite like to be able to sit back on the sofa without hitting his head on the board, especially as it has a few pins on it!

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