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The Crazy Women project is finally over, all except the card and accompanying note which will go with it to the charity it's going to. I picked Forward UK because I wanted to focus on something connected to female sexuality, a theme we all explored in this project. They do fantastic work in an area many people do not want to think about. It was challenging and inspiring to work on this project, and I am honoured to have worked with the women of the LJ Birthday Block swap group who contributed, as well as my blog readers and friends who helped with advice and even an impromptu photo shoot in a nearby park.

Crazy Women Quilt in the sunshine

Crazy Women Quilt (reverse) in the sunshine

Crazy Women quilt and matching cushion 1

Crazy Women wall hanging - finished

The plan is that the quilt and matching cushion will be raffled off together for fundraising, and the wall hanging is a gift for the charity to hang in their office.

Date: 12 Apr 2012 01:41 am (UTC)
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These are beautiful!

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