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I am finally making progress again with the sewing, although at a slow and stately pace. Yesterday I finished the quilting for the Crazy Women quilt, and hope to get it bound this week. I am also considering what to do with the matching cushion that will go with the quilt when it's raffled off, and the wall hanging which will go to the charity for their own use.

Wall Hanging (14" x 19" or a bit less, including the gold metallic fabric for the binding - the squares are all 1")
Wall hanging with gold binding

Wall hanging sketch 1

12" block to be used as a cushion

Crazy Women - spare block

The quilt top

Crazy Women quilt top

The backing for the quilt top is a plain red, and I'm thinking of adding a 1.5" or 2" border of it to the cushion block. The back of the cushion will be the plain red again.

Both the cushion and the quilt will be bound in a lightish pink batik.

The colours I have for the perle #8, which I used for the quilting (fairly noticeable, big stitch quilting), are cream, marigold yellow, pale pink, deep pink, medium red, dark red and purple.

The plan is to do the wall hanging with embroidery (probably very basic, with the perle #8 I used for the quilting) and beading. Nothing too intensive, I'm ill and I want to get this finished reasonably soon. I have a nice red flower bead for the clitoris, and that's about as far as I've got, apart from having a small box of beads in reds and pinks, and another box of beads in golds. What do you think of the vague sketch I've made so far, and do you have any opinions on embroidery stitches and where I should use beading?

For the cushion, I may do some quilting (again in the perle #8) but I'm not quite sure what to do. One possibility would be to do a simple cable design using four threads. One side would be purple and cream, one side would be purple and pale pink, one side would be pale pink and dark red, one side would be dark red and cream. Alternatively, I could quilt a big motif in the middle of the block, though I'm not quite sure what. A flower with a spiral at the centre, say purple for the petals and cream for the spiral? The block is far lower-contrast than any of the blocks that went into the quilt, which is why it didn't end up in there. I'm vaguely tempted to leave it plain, too.
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