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I ran a bit late with the BJP piece for March, and only finished it the other week. At least I got April done straight afterwards, and I may try to get May done at the start of the month. With any luck I'll be moving flat this summer, so I'm trying to get ahead on the craft stuff.

March 2011

April 2011

I would waffle on about what I've learned from these pieces, but to be honest I'm tired and having a stressful day, and I really can't be bothered! I may talk about them later if I'm more in the mood. I got stuck on the March piece because I saw something pretty someone else had done in those colours, bought some green beads and chose the fabric, and then sat staring at it, completely stuck, for a few weeks. I eventually just got started and let it evolve, and discovered that drawing a few circles on in pencil means that you then have to bead over the pencil lines even if you don't really want to. With the April piece, I knew I wanted to try something paisley-related with that fabric, although the deep pink/purple colour in the fabric was difficult in terms of colour-matching for beads. I ended up doing the section inside the paisley twice, the first time turned out oddly, although I only unpicked half of the largest motif. You can still see the chalk markings around it a bit, not sure how to get rid of those.

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