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I'll do separate posts for the methods later, but meanwhile here are most of the pictures for my earlier work.

Cushion covers - first attempts at any sort of quilting, pieced but not quilted. Bachelor's Puzzle and Grape Basket

More cushion covers - first attempts at quilting. Maple leaf and my own designs, based on traditional blocks. The pinky-blue one is also beaded.

Carpenter's Square - first completed quilt. 61" square, quilted in the ditch. Larger picture

Fish baby quilt - second quilt I pieced, quilting delayed for a few quilts though. Designed by me. Larger picture

Coffee cosy 1 - crazy quilted (in the photo on the cafetiere, it's pinned as I hadn't yet added the velcro)

Coffee cosy 1

Coffee cosy 2 - designed by me, first attempt at curved piecing.

Coffee cosy 2

Sample for the tessellating diamonds design that I later used in the autumnal bedspread

Purple peacock quilt - 50" square. Found the design randomly online, don't know its name. Better photos here.

Close-up before quilting

Rachel's Star - found the design in an online quilt magazine

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