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My mother and I were saying just the other day that it's almost a pity the turtle quilt was sent straight off to my cousin for her baby, as otherwise I'd have loved to exhibit it. It seems I still have a chance after all with the Bloggers' Quilt Festival.

The joke is that this baby took such a long time coming that the first baby quilt I made ended up going to my oldest friend instead. Like me, my cousin is severely disabled, and it took her and her husband four years of gruelling assisted reproduction before their daughter Annaelle was born.

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Method: hand-pieced and hand-quilted, with a little embroidery.
Size: 36" x 41" plus 1/4" binding.
Piecing design: my own design, based upon photographs of turtles I found online.
Fabrics: about 40 fabrics. Except for the Makower Dimple used for the limbs, they were all batiks. The sea background was all cut from the turquoise in Sew Batik's Gradation range, also known as Nuance, which contains four shades of turquoise.
Batting: Hobbs Polydown.
Backing: Squiggle - Sunkist Orange Spice from Sew Batik. The background is patches of yellow green, light fuchsia and yellow-orange with a yellow-orange and yellow squiggle motif.

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This will be going to my cousin M in Israel, so it's going to have to be a bit smaller as quilts go. Her daughter is due in four months. I'm thinking of 3'6 x 3'1 or thereabouts, which would permit me to use standard fabric for the backing.

Turtle flowing sea 1

The turtle shell needs to be better centred, and I think there needs to be a bit less sea around the turtle (i.e. closer borders) and a slightly wider outer border, judging from my fish baby quilt. The idea is that the turtle body is medium green, the shell is orange, hot pink, yellow, light green, and perhaps some red and darker green (maybe just for the edging), the sea is that graduated turquoise saltwash batik I used for the fish quilt (that's why it's numbered: 1 is the darkest, 4 is the lightest, and note that the fish quilt didn't use the darkest section), then there's a narrow border (I have two orangey-yellow fabrics with multicoloured patterns laid aside, I may even use both), then the sea design continues into the border, using a variety of patterned batiks ranging from turquoise through to dark blue. For the backing, I'm eyeing up this glorious fabric. I've just rung, and apparently it's a nice bright fabric, orange predominating, and equal amounts of pink, yellow and green elsewhere.

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What do you think, folks?
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It looks like another baby quilt is required, which is a relief as I'd got totally stuck on other ideas. I flirted with the idea of a dragon, but it's a bit beyond me right now, so I'm playing with a turtle design. Here's what I have so far:

Turtle bordered 1

Thoughts, people? I don't really like appliqué, which is why I'm looking at ways of piecing the background. I'm not sure whether the background should be all one fabric or a group of similar fabrics. Some shade of blue for the background, perhaps this fabric (which I'm eyeing up for a backing), I think green for the head, arms and legs, and then greens, red, orange, hot pink and yellow for the shell. Multicoloured border, of course; not necessarily that simple stripe pattern, although it's a start while I work on the actual turtle. I've done a more complex version, though I think I'll wait until I start drawing in real-size before deciding which to go for.

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I've started colouring in the simpler one, and am feeling rather intimidated. I'll keep going, and colour in a more complex one, and maybe they'll look better. I'm sure fabric will look far, far better than me scratching away with pencils.
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