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I don't know if I'll bother entering the next quilt competition, but I am at least contemplating it. The theme is "flying high", and I'm starting to gather ideas. So far I have, both from me and friends (well, [livejournal.com profile] scien so far):

1. Icarus. (Not getting anywhere with this one yet.)

2. Earth as seen from space as background, and a falling feather in the foreground. (Probably a bit cutesy, but there might be an environmental angle somewhere.)

3. Consider the Brittle Joys cover.

4. Look at the Gaydar Angels.

5. Pterodactyls

6. Think about what the phrase brings to mind, what I like and dislike about that, how it relates to likely quilts others might make, what I like and dislike about those.

For instance, On the Wings of a Dream is exactly the sort of quilt that tends to win these competitions. It's a highly skilled quilt, of course, but I've seen that style so often that I am rather sick of it by now, and in a few ways it is precisely what I don't want to be sewing. The way it's done with strips like that, the ribbons that shade through the colours of the rainbow, the woman bounding forward as if inspired, the angel motif. Of course, if I do end up making this quilt, there will have to be some sort of joke about how I hate feathers!

(I've put up the final photos of the Isis quilt at [livejournal.com profile] elettaria, and will doubtless do a proper final post here sooner or later.)


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