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Thread-basting a quilt: ignore the last couple of inches when doing the herringbone basting, then go around and baste all the way around the edge, spacing the stitches more closely than usual. Or rather, this is what I wished I'd done when basting the current quilt!

Ergonomics: the Cotton Patch (and other places) have started stocking the Creative Comfort range of hand supports. They look most intriguing, but not terribly cheap, and no one is quite sure which would be the best for using while hand-quilting, especially with my RSI, tendinitis and ME taken into consideration. After spending a while looking at ordinary fingerless gloves and the like, I finally realised that the cheapest and easiest solution is to take a pair of scissors to an old sock. I now have a pale blue sock which I never really liked on my right hand, with the toe cut off (that's the elbow end) and a hole for my thumb. I've slathered red Tiger Balm underneath, though I managed to get a bit of that on the top of the sock - sorry, wrist warmer - when rolling it onto my arm. It's a bit early to tell how comfortable this will be, but it's allowing me to get Tiger Balm onto my forearm, wrist, and part of my hand, without wrecking my clothes or risking getting it in my eyes, and my arm is feeling less painful. I may be better off getting something with a proper bit that goes around the base of the thumb, though, as the thumb hole isn't wildly comfortable and I may want to put Tiger Balm around its base (or diclofenac gel, come to that). These, say. Do you think that one size fits all will be OK on small hands? I'm only 4'11 (150cm). And should I go for something that has little bits around the base of all my fingers as well as my thumb? The fingers on my right hand are now a bit cold, but I don't know whether that's from the Tiger Balm feeling cold or because I'm restricting my circulation in some way that I shouldn't.

For anyone who missed the announcements in [livejournal.com profile] elettaria and [livejournal.com profile] quilting, I won first prize for the Hoffman challenge. Photos here and here.
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Method: hand-pieced and hand-quilted.
Size: 87" x 89" plus 1/4" binding.
Piecing design: based on Offspring by Nancy Neumann. Made entirely of diamonds with 30 degree angles, and sides 6" long when sewn. These were sewn into strips 14 diamonds long, and the 29 strips were sewn together with triangles at the top and bottom.
Fabrics: 30 or so fabrics, primarily in browns, reds, golds, a little green, and minor touches of navy, purple and pink. Colours ranges from very muted to semi-bright, and from a soft gold through to very dark brown. Mostly batiks, a couple of Fossil Ferns, and some Makower Ombre stripes. The patterns were medium to large scale. The grain of the fabric ran along the length of the strips, so the pieces had to be cut into right- and left-facing.
Batting: Quilters' Dream cotton request weight.
Backing: A golden yellow cotton reminiscent of Moda Marbles, slightly lighter weight than usual, unknown manufacturer.

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