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The wings are now outlined in gold thread, with an unpleasant pause to remove a blood spot from the background as someone caught their finger on an embroidery needle, and I'm sketching the papyrus clumps. I think the one on the left is sorted, though I've changed around the colour order and slightly tweaked the shapes. It's the one on the right that I'm working on. I was originally going to have the top flower pointing a bit to the right, but then I laid it out on the quilt and realised that there is enough pointing that way already. I've sketched in the looped stem on the right and am not sure if I like it or not. At the moment, it would be orange.

Note that I've labelled them O and B for orange and blue respectively. What do you think?

In other embroidery news, I need to embroider the waistband with about five little sets of dark brown stripes with a thinner cream stripe directly to either side, which is authentic and should be simple enough not to look out of place. I'll wait until the papyrus are done before making the final decision there. With regard to the beading, the stars are now going to be a simpler affair of five bugle beads alone, no seed beads, and probably transparent turquoise AB bugle beads rather than something darker.
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