Start of a new year

Thursday, 6 January 2011 03:25 pm
lobsterdesigns: (Fish baby quilt)
[personal profile] lobsterdesigns
I don't generally do New Year's Resolutions, but this year I was inspired by Mathematical Doodling and have just bought a shiny new diary. The plan is to try to doodle every day, which I know will seem laughably forced to some, but I've never been an improviser and it's high time I started!

I've also joined the Bead Journal Project, which I'll be posting about here, here, and at [ profile] fabric_journals. The current plan is to make 5" squares, picking a batik that speaks to me, and perhaps trying out a new technique each month. I'm waiting for the white flannel for backing the pieces to arrive in the post, but for January I have set aside a couple of lightish grey fabrics and have been sprinkling beads about and gazing thoughtfully at them.

[ profile] catnip_junkie's quilt was finished about a month ago, and has just been posted. I forgot to photograph it, but I'm sure she will, and I'll post about it properly then. I'd got bored with it at first, all those concentric circles 1" apart were a drag, but forcing myself to get on and finish it was the right thing to do, and by the time I'd sewn on the gaily multicoloured binding I had fallen back in love with it.

I'm now doing the Welsh quilting on thr turquoise/green baby quilt for my cousin's new baby, and it's going beautifully. The Clover mesh transfer canvas I had such high hopes for turned out to be utterly useless, marks don't stay on it long enough to get them onto the fabric, so I'm having to draw the designs on freehand, with measuring when applicable. It's probably good for me to get the practice anyway, I bet my spirals take far less brushing out by the time I get to the last one. The 11" x 17" Q-snap will cover half a block at a time, and a frame's worth is a nice amount to quilt in one day. This and [ profile] catnip_junkie's quilt are both crazy log cabin blocks, and both made from that badly-cut Fabric Freedom jelly roll I started working on when we were on holiday in North Berwick.

My best friend's kid sister had a little boy ten days ago, and despite being snowed under with quilts I am incapable of not uttering the words "baby quilt" when I hear of a new baby. So my best friend is choosing some flannel, and I'm just going to do a basic tied quilt with one piece of flannel for the front and one for the back, that should be manageable in a couple of afternoons. We've found a lovely owl fabric for one side.

I pieced the top for the wall hanging for my GP, but not all of the beads and such turned up in time for Christmas, plus I've had a horrible coldy-fluey thing for the last three weeks that has left me too knackered to pick up a needle until yesterday. So I've put it aside temporarily and might even do the January BJP first, as I'm a bit stuck on how to bead it.
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